Dear Van Buren Consulting Client,

As a valued client of many years I would like to inform you of some exciting developments regarding Van Buren Consulting. With a goal of not only continuing to provide excellent services in a professional manner in a fast-changing technological environment, but also expanding the range of services we can offer, Van Buren Consulting has joined the local firm CITIG (Channel Islands Technology Integrators’ Group). Both Jane and I will continue to offer the same mix of services to you and your firm as we have in the past.

Most importantly we want to be sure our clients, like you, are going to be well served in the future. We have searched for and found what we believe is the best local organization to meet your needs. The principal of CITIG is Ryan Newell, who we have known for nearly 10 years and have the utmost respect for. We have worked cooperatively with Ryan with some of our more advanced projects and have learned to appreciate his professionalism, technical and people skills. His group is modestly larger and has a great depth of computer talents. We invite you to explore their website after reading this letter.

We would also like your permission to share the details of your IT systems with Ryan and his team. This would include passwords and internal network details. Even though our level of confidentiality will be maintained as we join with CITIG, we are prepared to execute a non-disclosure agreement to warrant that the privacy and details of your systems will always be respected.

We want to assure you there will be no immediate changes. Our rates and availability will remain the same. Jane and I will continue to answer your needs by phone or by e-mail at the same addresses and numbers as always. Yes, eventually there will be changes to our e-mail addresses, but we will advise you of that well in advance. The only modest change will be bi-monthly billing for Jane and my time instead of monthly. And the bills will come from CITIG instead of Van Buren Consulting beginning in August.

All the same service will be provided: Timeslips, computer replacements, network administration, monitoring, spam filtering, backup. Plus Ryan’s team can offer 24/7 support, scheduled preventive maintenance, and virtualization solutions among many other services.

We look forward to continuing to provide you computer support services under the banner of CITIG.


Bob Van Buren